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>> in sonoma county roads turn into rivers. cars up to the wheel well in water. what a mess in san francisco. especially if you are the owner of that car. huge tree crashed on top of it. the owner had just bought it. and in oakland during the storm just one of many accidents on slick roads. good evening everyone i'm carolyn johnson. dan is off tonight. showers this evening but still one more big storm we have to contend w.let's get right to sandy tracking it all open live doppler 7 hd. live doppler 7 hd we see the rainfall intensity picking up again so show you where the showers are. first we go to
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the north bay where they have been coming in and just redeveloping very quickly. i take you down to street level here around guerneville and russian river to forgetville. river road sweetwater springs road we get some moderate to heavy rainfall right now and as we pan around to other parts of the bay area you can see here glen ellen warm springs road we have some showers out towards napa road. check this out around nap can see how quickly this is all developing and moving. old sonoma road getting a heavy downpour. in the east bay we go through street out to albany berkeley dwight avenue lighter rainfall but we have some moderate rain showing up here so we are watching that for you. few scattered showers and other parts of the bay area mainly the peninsula south bay rainfall total have been excessive in some of our hills. almost 9 inches of rain in the santa cruz mountains. in the far northern end of sonoma county one of the wets location. 8 and a half inches
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in the past 48 hours. three inches in san rafael. 3.7 in santa rosa. san francisco almost an inch and half. livermore pushing close to 2 and oakland got 2 inches of rain with more significant rain ming flash flood watch up through sunday evening. small streams may overflow the bank and here's a timing of the next storm. 9:00 p.m. it's north of santa rosa saturday night. at 11:00 p.m. it's still in the northern part of our viewing area as far as the heaviest part of the storm. heavy rain and wind coming through. 5:00 a.m. in the north bay sunday. it continues at 7:00 a.m. across the heart of the bay area. and really at 9:00 a.m. it's shifting south and east and we see sunny break sunday afternoon but when said and done rainfall total significant and more concerns to talk about. tell but those in a few minutes. >> sandy see you then. >> as expected the north bay saw the heaviest rain today. 7 news reporter laura has the story from petaluma.
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>> all the soil holding the water. >>reporter: leland says he has been down this road before. or at least his parking lot has. now submerge the in up to 2 and a half feet of water. >> the first place petaluma the only place that's left in petaluma. there's been a lot of work done to contain flooding downstream and ever since that work has been done this happens to us at least once or twice a year. >> not far away this morning heavy downpour turned this creek one that was barely back three days ago that a fast moving father way. overflow the bank near office complex on north mcdowell boulevard. >> about 4 and a half feet from yesterday. yesterday we were seeing ground grass and puddles whereas the ground was saturated. if you can believe the prediction of the rain that we are supposed to get, this will flood. >>reporter: those who haven't had the water encroach on them yet are doing what they can to make sure it doesn't. next round of heavy rain line up off the coast. rob works for
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rerefrigeration company on north petaluma boulevard sits in a low spot near the petaluma river. the property hasn't flooded in years. but there's concern. it might if the forecast for this weekend holds true. >> well they are saying it's to be 7 foot high in the river, river right back behind us hear and about eight years ago the river overflowed at 7 and a half feet so we don't want, if it's a heavy rain you never know what it's liable to get t to. >>reporter: and again despite the current shower they have gotten a bit of a break here in the north bay this afternoon. of course all eyes will be on those rivers those creeks and in trouble spots like this because we know by now the river and creek are full and the ground is saturated as we head that the weekend. in petaluma, abc 7 news. >> certainly road conditions are treacherous. dozens of accidents all over the bay area. antioch highway 4 led to 3-year-old boy being ejected from his car seat. he was air-lifted to children hospital
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oakland with serious head injuries. now to the east bay where we spent part of the day monitoring bay area road at the command center of cal-trans. nick smith has more. >>reporter: excess run off from heavy rainfall creating big ponds in areas of downtown oakland. the intersection of third and washington street became a virtual lake with water so high it blocked parking spaces poured into one lane of traffic. with the sidewalk covered in rain run off this woman appeared to be baffled by how to get around i it. so she just stood there. ankle deep in rain water. freeway not much better. 8 80 at the marina boulevard exit was a wet gray mess. heavy rain obscured the view of drivers creating a constant wave of stop and go traffic and sea of brake lights. this accident was one of many we witnessed in the span of only 2 hours. low lying spots on the highway often flood quickly.
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increasing road hazard for drivers and new set of challenges for the crew assigned to keep the freeway and storm drains clear of all obstruction. >> we have to make sure that they are not being plugged by either mud or leaves or by litter. >>reporter: with more than 300 camera across the 9 counties in the bay area cal-trans has had a busy day monitoring traffic. the red color.indicate problem areas where traffic is stopped. flooding closed highway 12 mud slide at highway 84 in fremont brought traffic to stand still. >> we find out what the problems as quickly as possible to dispatch the right people and the right equipment. >>reporter: chp responded quickly to the accident on westbound 5 80 and believe the driver may have been going too fast for weather and road conditions. car flipped on impact and the driver was taken to the hospital. less than 20 minutes after that accident was cleared there was another. just west of the golf link road exit. 4 lane of traffic reduced to 3 while chp worked to clear the way for drivers.
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>> jack london square, abc 7 news. >> police in west sacramento believe the storm was factor in the traffic death of a pg&e employee early this morning. the driver lost control of his truck and slammed into a traffic light around 1:40. co-workers say he had been working over time. >> route 12 and highway 121 closed in sonoma county because of flooding. wayne has that story. >>reporter: more specifically here's how they look today. the automobile abandoned by drivers who either couldn't reed the warning signs or ignored them or thought they ordered the cars with a pontoon option. nann long time sonoma couldn't resident was not among those drivers. >> i think that probably wasn't the wisest move. i always obey authority. not always but when it serves my interest i do. >>reporter: this would be one of the cases. >> this would be one of those cases, yes. >>reporter: to hear the sonoma county department of public work state federal authority
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has much to do with the repeating problem. intersection floods because near by creek overflows. dredge would go solve the problem. but those higher authority say no. >> their argument is that the it would be tl some serious environmental impact if we dredge the creek downstream. i think the people having to deal with the flood would go not agree but that's the federal agencies. >>reporter: if it was your call. >> would i dredge it. >>reporter: elsewhere we found sonoma county to be wet but functional. expect the russian river to approach flood stage this weekend but to remain in the banks. minor flooding along smaller creek and roads that lead into the residue of summer and fall wash away. and if rain remain persistent expect the soil to saturate early that men more pressing problems in the day weeks or months ahead. >> well i think we are pretty close to being saturated now. and tomorrow night the forecast is for another maybe 5 inches of rain and so we'll just have
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to see how it plays out. >>reporter: and there's one place where we pretty much know how it will play out. route 12 on highway 121 in sonoma count county. wayne abc 7 news. in marin county a tree fairfax probably 100-year-old oak and about 100 feet tall fell on hickory road at 5 this morning. some of the branches fell on to this car. the pictures are from the marin independent journal. >> here's what it looks like at watsonville high school this morning. water flooding out the open space. students are stuck off to the left there as you can see underneath the overhang. driving certainly proved to be a challenge this morning especially for those on the bay bridge. lights there were knocked out for about an hour today right in the middle of the early morning commute. metering light at toll plaza not operated creating more chaotic traffic conditions than normal. the lights started coming on again from the west end and within a few minutes the entire span relit at about 6:30. the lights on the san
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rafael bridge went out for short time today as well. >> pg&e crew plan to work through the night restoring power outage in north bay with 700 homes and businesses still in the dark. 400 without power in santaruz county. 2 03 customers in the east bay, 2 30 on the peninsula, 170 in south bay. just 5 in san francisco are still in the dark storm watch continues all weekend here at abc 7 news. live reports tomorrow morning starting at 5 with the abc 7 saturday morning news and of course you can track the rain any time with live doppler 7 hd you will find that at abc 7 >> as we continue tonight the fbi arrest 2 men they say planned an attack on the united states with explosives. we have the latest on that next. >> plus a bridge collapse derails train in new jersey. toxic chemical spilled. latest on that disaster and holiday travel season is here. up next what could be happening at your what could be happening at your hotel when you are not there
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tonight 2 men in custody charged with plotting to help terrorist launch a strike against americans. men are brothers. naturalize citizens living in florida. pierre were told they were part of plot to obtain weapons of mass destruction. >> fort lauderdale men in custody. accused of plotting
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to detonate a bomb in the u.s. homeland. 2 men brothers are identified as naturalize citizen from his pakistan. sources tell thus was not a sting. and theounger brother had been in contact with over seas radical. possibly connected to al qaeda. indictment accuses the men of attempting to provide lodging communication equipment and transportation in conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction. and sources say the fbi found evidence the younger brother had been monitoring recent fbi sting cases so authorities say infiltrating the alleged conspiracy with a non-starter. . back to you. >> 3 people are dead after a series of violent attacks in wyoming. police say it all started off campus of cast par college with where man killed the woman. he then drove to the science building killed a faculty member in front of the students then committed suicide. witness told police the killer used a bow and arrow. he was not a student. police say he knew the victims although they have not said
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washington the relationship wa was. there was a terrifying scene in a small town in new jersey today. train derailment set a hazardous gas spewing that the air. more than 70 people sought medical treatment from the fumes. lindsaydavis tonight on the hidden risk passing through towns every day. >> thousands of gallons of the hazardous chemical vinyl chloride spewed into the air prosecute the ruptured car. resident told to stay in the home. 3 schools within a mile ordered to keep students indoors. >> we are saying to all watching this that live within the borough of paul's borrow it's a sign for caution. >>reporter: 71 people admitted to local hospital. vinyl chloride is a colorless gas. inhague it can cause problems breathing high levels can cause loss of consciousness and extremely high levels can cause death. >> there are concerns about this bridge before. >> i have been told today that the resident most close to that bridge had heard unusual
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characteristic sounds, sounds they don't always hear with the bridge. >>reporter: just three years ago a coal train derailed on the same bridge. 140,000 miles of freight track across the country carrying dangerous chemicals near the homes of millions of americans 99.99 percent of chemical shipments get the their safely but when they don't results are deadly. in south carolina in 2005 a train carrying chlorine gas exploded. 9 people killed. lots of activity still at this hour. that the point they are in the process of cleaning the rail cars of the toxin before they can be removed. ntsb is documenting what happened and in the next several days expected to try to find a cause of the derail many. lindsay davis abc news, new jersey. we are seeing more showers in the bay area right now. let's check in with sandhya with the very latest on live doppler 7 hd. >> some of these are becoming a little more intense. show you
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live doppler 7 hd. own radar in mount saint helena moisture up to the north. i show you the cell here just northeast of forestville you cap see out to river road. and it is moving pretty quickly so heading off to the east. we are watching also in the north bay the napa area down the street level old sonoma road. first street. highway 29 there you can see some heavy returns out towards the silverado trail and really this moisture is just developing and shifting quickly eastward and it will continue to do so as we head towards the east bay here kenyon road highway 4 heavy rainfall coming down rate now in the area of be negotiate at 7 yichlt watching the showers as well. the showers are quickly developing and pushing off or just pretty much going towards the east. here's a look at the peninsula. few showers down to palo alto. san jose looking just fine. right now i want t show you
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the forecast for the upcoming days. showers on and off on saturday. heavy rain and winds sunday morning and flood watch continues for the russian river in guerneville. here's a look at the satellite radar. this is storm that came through here with 60 to 85 miles an hour wind gust at times. probably felt the wind. obviously there was pouring rain. now back behind it these are the shower showers. moisture that continues to come in. we have another storm that is coming. this one is developing in the pacific. come together and affect your plans late saturday night going into sunday. so let's check out a computer animation. 11:00 p.m. tonight we have scattered showers around. you head that the early morning hours and we start to see intensity picking up in some 80's lick the santa cruz mountains. moderate rainfall. across the rest of the bay area. heaviest in the santa cruz mountains. we head that the rest of the day showers actually hit or miss kind of thing in the afternoon. you can see here very scattered in nature so they let up a little bit. only to pick up again saturday night storm no. 3 moves in stormy weather
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begins to develop with the strong gusty winds and the heavy rain at times. north bay starts to pick it up at 5:00 a.m. sunday. the front continues to press south ward. 7:00 a.m. across the heart of the bay area and really at 9:00 a.m. there's a little bit of red showing up there in the santa cruz mountains. could see isolated thunderstorm or 2. as you notice very heavy rainfall across the region. behind the front, though, quickly we start to see breaks showing up and it should be sunny for 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon when the raiders play the browns at the coliseum lacking fine. breezy. cool. take your jacket with you. mostly cloudy. rainfall total up until sunday up to 5 inches in the north bay mountains. running into 1:00 p.m. sunday. 2 to 4 inches in the north basement up to 4 inches in the santa cruz mountains. most of the rest of the bay area one to 2 additional inches of rain. we do have a couple of rivers we are watching russian river near hop land. flood stages 21 feet it's going to exceed flood stage as you look at this graph
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here sunday night into monday expect to hit at 24 feet. right now it is close to 6 fee feet. other river that we are watching is the russian river at guerneville. currently 24 feet so rapid rise in the last 24 to 48 hours with the rainfall. it is expected to crest at 30 feet. flood stage 32. so it's going to get close there. high surf advisory until 10:00 a.m. saturday. waves and surf up to 17 feet. watch out for the rip current and the high pressure for your saturday with the scattered showers around mainly in the 60's. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast stormy time period late saturday nature first half of the sunday morning hours and then we are basically looking at clearing late sunday afternoon going that monday. we need that tuesday, wednesday, weaker storm certainly bring us some more rain. >> yes at least we get a chance of dry out. >>reporter: exactly. that's very important. chance to dry out. but now we are concerned with the saturated ground going in sunday because the storm will dump additional rain and
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cause more problems with down tree power lines with the wind coming and saturated ground means of course there could be some mud slides. >> thanks sandhya. >> half of the mystery is over one of the 2 power ball jackpot winners came forward today. how the missouri kim is handling all the twhaengs they plan to do now. stay with us. plan [ male announcer ]ith us. this december, remember --
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you. >> well the holder of one of the 2 wing tickets in this week massive power ball jack pot picked up their share of the wings today. cindy and mark hill of missouri could not ep but spill as they posed for the giant check. ceremony one for 2 94 million dollars. cindy hill says her husband gave her 10 dollars to buy the tickets. quick pick proved to be the right combination. aside from buying a pony for one of the
9:26 pm
daughter they are not sure with all the cash. >> we are still stunned by what has happened. it's surreal. and people keep asking us what are you going to buy witness. i haven't even thought about that. i want to go home and just be back to normal. >>reporter: she may not have thought about it but her husband says he's buying a red camaro. nobody has come forward with the other winning ticket bought near phoenix, arizona. we get the first look at treasure worth half billion dollars that u.s. salvage company had to give up after dispute over ownership that lasted 5 years. here are some of theen crusted silver coins clumped together. sod erred by time. here's a closer look at the side of one of the coins very narrow but you can still see engraving there. gold tobacco box. treasure comes from a galleon that sank off portugal atlantic coast in 18 04. still to come tonight on 7 news at 9:00. uc sf medical
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school gets new high tech toys. multi-million dollar expansion is helping students move ahead. >> find out why the raiders suspended line backer mclane. >> this noise race track. it's a parking lot. the cars being driven by hotel valet. what really goes on in your hotel. >> and the chairs of shame. what these students did that jeans you showers moving
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through the east bay right now. this is the view from the emeryville camera where a third wave of heavy rain is headed our bay. expect some lots of downpour from that coming this weekend. >> san francisco saw a mix of
9:31 pm
problems from few flooded streets to tree that severely damaged a car. thomas has mor more. e.very square. i saw it. i witnessed it. it was very square. >>reporter: she is describing when the tree fell over this morning on pine street. it happened bat 8:30. blocking all 3 lanes of traffic. unfortunately the tree also landed on this mercedes. the the tree trunk rolled slowly off the car as city crew were sawing off the limb. car belongs to ashley. >> i hope it's not a total los loss. i just bought the car. so i love it. it's been a great car for me so far. but i'm just trying to think positively about it. >>reporter: other rest didn't say this is not the first time a tree on pine street has fallen over. she says one fell over last year and neighbors are concerned the trees old and too vulnerable in storms like these. >> i'm concerned about the people who are driving down pine street. i'm concerned about my family. >>reporter: falling tree as major concern for san francisco city workers. park crew
9:32 pm
decided this tree along the great highway was just about to fall. so they decided to bring the spruce down before it did any damage. >> large storm we have pounded the coast from ocean beach to pacifica. jeff who lives in a home by the shore says living here means you have to be ready when the types of storms come through. >> always be prepared. battery on hand. should be no surprise to anybody especially in the bay area. >>reporter: great highway remains closed due to the storms. at 1:00 p.m. the sky above the city was bright by a passing rainbow. this is 7 news. hundreds of homes and businesses on the peninsula still in the dark because of power outages there. we even found a water log football field. more on that from vick lee. >>reporter: this correct in san jose was roaring. fast and furious this morning vrlt. but the santa clara valley water district said there were no problems today. all of the creek that had the potential to
9:33 pm
flood were weigh below the overflow levels. but san mateo county workers at menlo high school were busy trying to drain the water from the football field which was flooded. the water level stood about 3 to 4 inches above the new turf field which was built this summer. one of the main pump had broken during the night. in san bruno hundreds of rest didn't in the hillside neighborhood near sky line boulevard lost their power during the early morning hours. the limb of a large tree broke off. l falling on a pg&e utility pole which cracked in half snapping the lines. crews were trying to get power back to some customers as quickly as they could. dan cap pel is the foreman. >> half the people will get the power become on within probably hour and a half arrest sore and rest out for awhile until we fix the pole. >>reporter: that could take some time. this is the neighborhood that is used to power out annuals. they happen when strong winds whip up the
9:34 pm
hillside. elizabeth and her husband have lived here for 4 decades. >> it got so bad my husband and i a few years ago bought a camp stove because our stove is electric and we are so used to electric being out that we now are using our camp stove. >>reporter: vick lee, abc 7 news. >> we have resources on how to stay safe during the rainy season or any kind of natural disaster. you will find our advice on our web site look for it under see it on tv. >> rain in the bay area usually means snow in the sierra and some ski resort plan on being open this weekend. kirk wood ski resort showing what it loo looks like at the bottom of the slopes rate now. kirk wood north star all open tomorrow. we have some images of idol ski lift with sugar bowl. sugar bowl closed tomorrow because of high winds there. squaw valley alpine meadow could keep them from opening as well because of
9:35 pm
high wind. >> too many people and not enough prefixes. california public utility commission says the 4 1 5 area code is getting full so the agency has begun laying the ground work for new area code. get ready for 6 2 8. it will likely be in effect by october, 2015. >> as millions of americans plan the holiday travel you may wonder bb what about valet or people have access to the hotel room. wait until you hear the room. wait until you hear the story from 2020 anchor chris >> looks like a carjacking doesn't it? but it's actually a car parking by a hotel valet in st. louis posted on you tube. >> valet won't make any money so there's a focus on speed of course when it comes out it's driven really slowly and carefully. >>reporter: solution? tip the valet before you surrender your car. or expect the abuse to begin. when it
9:36 pm
comes to hotel happiness tipping is worth it. come to the front desk with your friend president jackson and upgrade could be yours. flash a tud instead watch your back. is it true there is a culture of revenge that exists on behalf of the staff. >> without a doubt. there's 1,000 ways can get back at you for something you don't even know you did. >>reporter: for example in new york city where the area code is 212 you may put in room 121 2 which is exactly what a guest forget to go dial 9 for outside line would dial. >> if you nut room 1212 it's beautiful. however there's a bunch of idiot in the hotel that don't dooil out and it will ring 1212 all day all night. >>reporter: nasty attitude is a big motivator for staff revenge. rod or cheap guests are being watched secretly listed as p eta or pain in the obvious. but if you are a big
9:37 pm
tipper they may have logged you as an f o b. or friend of ben as in franklin. then you will definitely get prompt attentio attention. >> watch more of chris's report on 2020 called true confessions about cops repo men even surgeons airs right after the newscast over on channel 7. solution to wasteful way. 60 day old bread. the story coming up. plus uc sf has multi-million dollar medical facility. take you inside the lab where students are [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy.
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rethink possible. 1-z he?
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in arizona hold hand or be suspended choice the 2 teenagers faced after a fight pickup issuement seen as funny
9:41 pm
by some students. >> everybody laughed at them. they look look at them. >> i was in rotc and we had to do stuff like that. so i think it works. >> kind of elementary school to be making these teenagers hold hands instead of actually giving them punish many. >> facebook thought punishment was appropriate others said it encourages bullying because they are subjected to taunting. it sends a negative message to gay students they should be viewed as embarrassing. school is now reevaluating the policies. >> for many people the image of studying cadaver the stuff of television show like gray's anatomy but critical part of the training. experience now taken a leap into the future thanks to multi-million dollar project at uc sf medical school. gazing out the window of the learning center offers million dollar view for anyone with the time to enjoy them. >> we can see the golden gate bridge down to downtown and on days like this when it's sunny
9:42 pm
it's absolutely gorgeous. >>reporter: but most of the time medical students like her have the sight focus on the inner most reach of the human body with the parent of complicated anatomy and unraveling any surprise tucked inside. >> when we were opening the cavity of cadaver and we found the large organ and it wasn't the lung or heart hi to question myself because i didn't know of any other large organ in the thoracic cavity it was the stomach and it had actually herniated. >>reporter: in the remodelled lab 21st century tool they share the journey of discovery as experiencing it. movable camera are used to project images from individual tables to 72 inch monitor or beam them to personal i-pad that now double as digital anatomy books the director of technology and enhanced learning. >> they can put this and manufacture it around and lack at it right as they are looking at the cadaver because the cadaver is the star of the show as we say in anatomy learning.
9:43 pm
>>reporter: both managing and respecting that valuable resource was also a motivation behind the upgrade. center has space for up to 30 cadaver both em pwamd and unem bombed with them practicing surgical technique on human issue. press of button lower the wall to separate the 2 areas whale computer control haven't las vegas changes the air 36 times per hour. >> it's an amazing space. >>reporter: anatomy professor helped plan the 7 million dollar remodeling project. >> we realize we wanted to continue with the dissection and space that was inviting. we have a wall of window fortunate light. >>reporter: as many as 150 students fill the center when classes full. learning in an environment that is transform the experience of mastering human anatomy. >> yes. it's absolutely fun. i think really a lot of what our learning is the first 2 years is out of text book and kind of theoretical and really
9:44 pm
getting to see things firsthand and touch things and to witness it. it's a gift and really fun experience. >>reporter: lab provides video to operating room allowing students to follow along with experience surgeon who are operating on the same part of the body. >> did he vase originally used to kill bacteria like salmonella is now tested to keep bread mold free for two months. roughly 1 in 3 loaves of bread thrown away. texaco called micro zap says micro wave technology can kill the spores that lead to mold and can do it in 10 seconds. micro zap says this technology could end food waste. talking with a couple of manufacturers about this right now. duchess of cambridge back to school. why she ended up playing hockey in heels. >> no ordinary day at the races in pennsylvania. coming up. hear how the announcer took it
9:45 pm
hear how the announcer took it all in stride. we'll be right
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moo raider nation. see your team pride. we inhave it you to e-mail you are a fan photo like this one at the jaguar game back in october. raiders won that one by the way. address is here on the screen. we'll post the photo at abc 7 an also show them on the air during our special raiders day edition of 7 news at 4 on thursday and then at 5:00 you can watch as manning brings the broncos to the coliseum. broadcasting that game live right here on abc 7. duchess of cambridge went back to school today for the a visit. kate middleton told teachers and students at the school the 10 years there were among the happiest of her life.
9:49 pm
the duchess then showed off her field hockey skills wearing 3 inch high boot no less but really knows thousand handle herself on the field. she was captain of the high school tea team. at today event kate also revealed her childhood nickname was squeak. one latter check of our forecast right now. let's go to sandy for that. >> yes showers still showing up on live doppler 7 hd. show where you ter writ now. tweet. just started raining here in san rafael. and it has been raining a little bit heavier to the north as you can see right around the winds or area. highway 101 west side road we get heavy rainfall here. as we take you out towards napa you will notice that the rainfall has lightened up a bit. around the napa area. shawn on facebook i can hear the rain coming down. in the east bay concord some lighter rainfall grant street willow pass road. we do have some moderate light to moderate rain falling out
9:50 pm
towards the fairfield area to hill born road and south bay really just spotty shower or 2. here are the high for tomorrow with the scattered showers in the forecast. 50's. 60's. going through the oakland raiders game it's this coming sunday don't you worry. rain will be long gone by the time the game gets under way at the coliseum. play the browns and breezy out there. you will see temperatures in the upper 50's. check of the accu-weather 7 day forecast stormy weather late saturday nature sunday morning. sunday afternoon around 3 or 4:00 o'clock. just fine. get a break. so that's the part of the weekend where if you want to get outside time to do it. >> thank jew pittsburgh, pennsylvania it was a day at the races few will forget. on wednesday nature instead of horses 3 deer took to the track and the announcers didn't the
9:51 pm
stop. >> are you going to call that. race down the back side bambi has the lead. here comes rudolph down the outside. >> well done. after some more running the deer people chased over a fence into center field and then off the track. >> that's kuwait a show there. >> quality entertainment right there. >> good announcing. >> speaking of quality entertainment. i have some for you if i can find it. >> that's quality entertainmen entertainment. >> thank you. we are all roses. >> going to the rose bowl. it's classic but best i can do in the newsroom. >> i have gotten this on mother's day. made the round. >> unfortunately your husband has given you that one as well on mother's day and other fine occasions. down to the wire in the pack 12 championship. i need that back by the way. rainy muddy struggle. to see who is going to pasadena. budget for prop is not what
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heavy rain causing problems around the bay area. roads closed. cars stuck. power still out in many areas. we have leif team coverage for you. >> plus out brick at bay area school dozens of children sick tonight. what happened and is what being done to prevent more illnesses all that coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> writ now larry is here with sports and off lot to talk about. >> i haven't seen enthusiastic happy in awhile. yes about stanford beat ucla 6 days ago. met again tonight with a trip to the rose bowl on the line. this was a knock down drag out fight in the rain. bad weather kept the crowd down at stanford stadium. listed at 31,000. probably less than. that kevin on the boot leg here. nice play call. 11 play, 69 yard drive. fooled everybody. tied the game at 7. second quarter 14-7 ucla stanford d rising up. how many big plays has reynolds made this season with pick of own 19 had 3 pick.
9:56 pm
this one is 80 yard should have been ruled a touch down but the referee botched this one because he made it and ball crossed the plain before the knees touched. instead they gave it to the 1 yard license. put it down there and taylor punched it in. became leading rusher tonight with 76 yards tied it up at 14 appease. third quarter franklin. finds a hol hole. huge hole. 20 yard. for the second touch down of the game. finished with two 01 rushing. bruins dash them on the ground. up 24-17 but stanford counters. hogan 26 yards. hogan throws for 155 and touch down to tie it at 24 there. jordan williamsson puts the cardinal up 27-24 and then ucla freshman kicker needed to hit from 52 to send it to over time in the final minute. wide left. stanford wins the pack 12 title 27-24 going to the rose bowl first time since 200 2000. face either nebraska or wisconsin. mike talked to the
9:57 pm
fans on the field to talk with kevin. >> about the team the seniors they brought our program this far and put us in a position for success. >> how does it feel students friends family out here and you are going to the rose bowl. >> this is one of the most amazing feelings i have ever felt. always talk about being the big games send us over the top. rose bowl haven't been there in a listening time. used to be a part of. that great feeling definitely remember this for the rest of my life. >> it was a great game. san jose state had the first 10 win season since 1987 this year. rank in the bcs standings first time ever. today they were selected to play in the military bowl. that game played on december 27th. rfk stadium in dc. not sure who they are facing next. max team kent state northern illinois or ohio u. first bowl game since 2006. central coast section
9:58 pm
championship. the bell would get on the board in the first quarter. kj on the quarterback keeper. 14 play. 75 yard drive. 7 nothing bells. late fourth quarter before they got on the board. daily from a yard out. 7-7 where they are right now. head to over time. raiders linebacker is officially suspended by the team for conduct detrimental to the club, mclane. he was kicked out of practice on wednesday. told to stay away from the facility yesterday so he will miss at least the next 2 games. never really turned that the player that davis was hoping for when the raiders drafted him with the eighth over all selection in the 2010 draft. it seems really unlik unlikely that he will ever suit up again. stash him on the side and cut him at the end of the season. rest of the team raiders lost 4 in a row. they host the 3 and a browns on sunday. >> we know we have a big game this week. that's definitely a must win for us. we have 5 games to good and just trying
9:59 pm
take one game at a time hopefully come sunday we'll be able to get the victory tape back up. it has been so long since we last won and guys definitely anxious for victory hopefully get it this week. >>reporter: ryan wilson tenure with the giants may coming to an end. the closer became a 43 agent tonight. giants did not offer him a contract by the 9:00 p.m. dead lane this evening. because they didn't want to be on the hook for minimum of 6.8 million dollars who may not be able to pitch. he missed almost entire year this past season. second john surgery. possible wilson could reseen with the giants structuring an incentive laden deal with lower base salary. not sure if he goes for. that derek jeter king of new york. great player. friendly with the media but in the big apple you are always a tashingt. check out the headlines from today "new york post". derek ether. yankees. how cruel is that. coming off ankle surger surgery. see him in the protective boot there so he can't run. can't do any cardio. so he's gained a little bit
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